TalkaType - Simple, Secure Web Dictation

TalkaType - Simple, Secure Web Dictation


On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions regarding issues with Voice Control.

What browsers are supported?

Google Chrome for desktop is the only browser supported on all operating systems. The extension uses experimental browser features that only work reliably in Chrome. However, the extension also works on Edge when running on Windows (not macOS).

Furthermore, Brave is not supported despite being based on Chromium. This is allegedly due to a dispute between Brave and Google regarding speech services.

Microphone access denied

The extension need access to your microphone to record your voice. If you already declined microphone access then you can re-enable it by clicking the settings icon next to the address bar.Microphone help

Network error

This means that network communication required for completing the recognition failed. Try to check if you have internet connection or if something could be blocking the network traffic such as a firewall. It may also help to use a VPN.

Speech recognition error

The browser does not support speech recognition in the current language. This is usually a browser compatibility problem. Speech recognition is supported in Chrome for Windows and macOS and Edge for Windows (but not Chrome). Other Chromium based browsers like Brave do not support speech capabilities.

Keyboard shortcuts don't work

Other apps or extensions may high-jack keyboard shortcuts used by this extension. To solve this, try to close open apps and/or restart the computer.

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