TalkaType - Simple, Secure Web Dictation

TalkaType - Simple, Secure Web Dictation

About TalkaType

Hello, I am Theis, the developer behind TalkaType.

This project started as a spin-off of my popular browser extension Voice Control for ChatGPT, which enables users to interact with ChatGPT using their voice and get responses read aloud. A lot of user were mostly interested in the voice typing feature, so I decided to create a standalone tool for that purpose.

When creating Voice Control for ChatGPT I learned a lot about speech to text in the browser and how to build high quality browser extension, and most importantly, I learned that there is a big wish for browser extensions to respect privacy and not requiring unnecessary permissions. Therefore, I have taken a privacy-first approach with TalkaType. Other similar extensions require access to all websites you visit and can in theory read all your data on any website you visit, but TalkaType is restricted to only have access to a website if you press the TalkaType icon.

Stay connected by following me on X or subscribing to my occasional newsletter. Your engagement is appreciated, and I look forward to continuing this exciting journey together.

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